The Portrait painting (A)

The Portrait painting (A)

Facing different groups of people,we often think about what gift to send to the people.Today,people more and more focus on reciprocity gift of taste. For gift givers who want to express who has to be respected,and to be concerned about the feeling through a caring. Portrait painting can also treated as a taste terrific gift for a friend.

  • Children portraits

  • Children portrait is the most worthy collection of gifts to send to parents.Just promoted to parents, young couples are full of joy for coming for the children and full of expectations for the children's future. We often see young parents seen the children pictures of their baby in the computer over and over again.and they will share the children lovely photos with the around pepole with great interest. Baby's every move affects the whole family's heart! If you are determined to collect their parents favorite photos, choose one or two, painted oil painting portraits of children.send them in children one hundred days, or birthday, which will undoubtedly be the best mom and dad moved to the most unexpected Gifts ! This portrait of a painting will make parents put it down and kept permanently. Your mind will subsequently be permanently preserved. You can choose to paint a portrait of a child, you can also paint a portrait of a family of three.

  • Wedding portraits

  • Turn wedding photos into wedding portraits, the witness of love can be so artistic! selecte one or two paintings from your beautiful wedding photos into the wedding portraits, coupled with the unique style of frame, it will be the highlight of your marriage room decoration. Paintings do not fade, you can save a long time, people never forget subtlety of brush strokes. it is suited for wedding and

    wedding anniversary.

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Father-in-law sent a portrait to his daughter-in-law

Father-in-law sent a portrait to his daughter-in-law

French President Nicolas Sarkozy's father Pal • Nicolas Sarkozy is already 81 years old this year. As a surrealist painter, Pal was popular again in his twilight years since his son has been elected to the French President. He began touring exhibitions in Europe, and the price of each painting also soar to 7,000 pounds. But in Pal's many paintings, there is one that he will never sell outside, that is, a piece of art portraits he especially painted for his daughter-in-law, Carla.Bruni .

Because this painting is a wedding gift for his son Sarkozy and his daughter-in-law Bruni,it has a great significance. In this painting, the French first lady Carla Bruni was sitting on a piano and selflessly played the guitar. the shadow of the Elysee Palace reflected on the piano panel, there's also a Rose arrayed on the piano. Pal explained to reporters : "Rose on the piano is a symbol. a symbol both of Nicholas' openness to the left-wing camp, but it is also a symbol of love."

The reason why Pal paint a portrait of Bruni and send it to her as a wedding gift, it is because that he is too satisfied with the daughter-in-law .It is reported that Pal is a man who hates the old in his early years ,he abandoned Sarkozy's mother dadu,and instead married the daughter of an ambassador, which leading to the relationship between Sarkozy and Pal has been tense over the years. However, under Bruni's mediation, Sarkozy has put aside all ill feelings in mind and reconciled with his father Pal.

Pal has always been fond of painting naked girl, but in order to thank his daughter-in-law Bruni's "diplomatic means", he immediately adjust his "writing style" ,and then created this splendid but without losing the elegance of the portraits for Carla.

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Bridal Portraits in Agathenburg and Stade

Bridal Portraits in Agathenburg and Stade

Yesterday we did bridal portraits for a very loving couple in Agathenburg.

With beautiful weather and a super cool old VW Beetle Cabriolet Wedding Car,as we are in a Agathenburg

Dirt road with photos in the countryside. Then we went into the city center and there are more wedding pictures to take at various venues and change them to bridal portraits.

I always enjoy again when we have a lot of time and can visit different places without hassle to use many different environments as backgrounds for the wedding portraits. And especially it is important for couples to be relaxed on the road.

And this time,a ladybug joined the bride, and participated at a photo shoot for a while

What a wonderful future for the loving couple !

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Bridal Portraits - your personal time on their wedding day

Bridal Portraits - your personal time on their wedding day

On your wedding day or the day of your wedding as a pair of wedding portraits to make you, wedding anniversary is a particularly sensitive issue. A wedding and the whole is always incredibly quickly over. Whether you're in a day or registry office and church for two days to celebrate the wedding. Many guests love waiting for you at any of the wedding guests will be entertained and welcomed as the bride and groom, the, organization must be successful, the respected and will end.

My concern with the portraits of both of you as a couple in particular to natural and authentic wedding portraits, but also that this very private moment is the best that day. Its moment as a married couple - and often very private time for your vows. Because from my experience there is usually not on your own wedding moment to for a wedding couple that particular and very personal moment to enjoy one - the day of your wedding, your big day you hope to each other.

Treat yourself to this little island of time on your wedding day, then you have the rest for one another and with me as your wedding photographer - Lassen. On to your special day to me as a couple you portray it from your wedding day relaxed and natural wedding portraits keep as a souvenir. Close to people. Personal and present without being intrusive. in detail and vivid, natural in expression. Lovingly And of course I like to pair of portraits of you on another day - if you want to do so or wedding day for the rest of your portraits can not find.

Wedding at the Goethe stone in Wiesbaden

Wedding at the Goethe stone in Wiesbaden

Been a while back is the wedding of Nicole and Jochen. In September, the two at the Goethe stone Wiesbaden sky trust can be free from. Away from the Church's tradition-free speaker, a personal and solemn speech, held a. A very nice way, his love of such a free wedding to seal with one another, as we find. Invited for coffee and cake, the couple recently ventured onto the terrace of the Hotel Crown Castle in Eltville, later celebrated in the great hall was also where.

The great weather has perfected the marriage of the two. All the best to their (soon)!

More beautiful wedding portraits for you.

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