Master Impressionist Armand Guillaumin

Master Impressionist Armand Guillaumin

Understanding of Impressionist painting friends, all know that 19th century French Monet, Pissarro, Sisley and other masters, but we may not be familiar with the name of Armand Dejiyueman,his presentation in art history is extremely rare. I also recently saw a large number of his portraits.

Armand Dejiyueman (Armand Guillaumin) 1841-1927 French Impressionist master. Born and died in Paris. He participated in Impressionist exhibitions since 1874,and is a Monet, Pissarro and Cezanne's companion (Cézanne was copying his landscape painting). He is also a guide Xinie Ke.

Below is a haystack, if it is not noted,many people may have thought that the works of Monet, Armand Dejiyueman was the friends of Monet, Pissarro and others to paint, they often go out painting to explore the secrets of light and color. So this piece of works also have focus on light and color for a detailed study like the works of Monet.

Compare two of the painting, we can see that, although all draw on the straw, there are still difference on the style and the oil painting. Monet's fine, but some of Armand Germany is extensive.

Please note the color of the sky. We have a lot of painting lovers, regardless of the circumstances under which painting the sky, are all is blue, Prussian blue plus white, the sky and the large screen so are uncoordinated, appeared to be very tacky. Again look at the works of masters, we will know, a good oil painting color, the first play of colors can be moving. The same situation also appears on the ground.

The same is the Impressionist painter, Monet, Pissarro, Sisley, etc. are basically intertwined with rich color and detailed point of tissue images, Renoir Zeyi rich color line. However, Armand De able to maintain own personality, not the factions in. He was full of the barge terminal, Ge Luozi scenery, painted a bold and bright. he described the flow of water in the valley, the autumn sun shining, trees bathed in brilliant sunshine, embankment adjacent to the vitality, because of his warm, sharp colors, bold brush strokes to draw a rough magnificent melody and rhythm.

Of course, his portrait is not that all people will like. He sometimes use too much red, purple, lilac color , the painting is not fine, some people may think he is rough and blunt paintings. However, Like works of art and food, each person, each region in different people's tastes, so sometimes it is really hard to say, I am a southerner, not used to the pancakes with shallots, mustard and more not used, but will eat a few times used to it, even if not used, can not say that it is not good, because some people like it Well. Armand de considerable disparity between the merits of the works, but the whole, his work has a strong personality, or is ranked in the impression master of the columns doctrine.

His later works close to Fauvism painters. More intense use of color, simple, tend to flat, decorative style, but second-rate Impressionist painter can not ratio to his pieces of pink portrait (he very good at it) elegant still life, landscapes painting.

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