Regarding realistic oil painting

Regarding realistic oil painting

Realistic painting, in the form of art, belongs to representational art , is an expression of portrait .With observation and tracing of the external Images, experiencing in their own feelings and understanding , the artists reproduces the images outside, which caters the visual experience of the viewers, providing aesthetic senses pleasure.

Realistic painting, original from the West, had a long history and tradition. Realistic Painting, grown in in Europe during "Renaissance" period, experiencing 500 years of glory, had produced many immortal masterpieces, artists ,masters in art history. Before the 20th century, the whole history of Western art was a history of realistic painting, which people had never doubted. Have had such a thing: the emergence of "Camera" and "photography" made people doubt about the function of realistic portrait. In fact, the photography could not replace the painting, as the external challenges will force art itself more "artistic", which was decided by the art of self-discipline. Western art in the 20th century broke the tradition dominance of classical realism. In particular, the birth of modern art concept, had greatly expanded the boundaries of art, art genres, colorful, starting moving toward multi-pronged new world. As a form of painting, realistic painting, still occupied a place, and there were also some outstanding artists and works.


Realistic Painting in China had a vast market. Thanks to government support and advocacy, realistic painting kept being a single flower of Chinese painting in most period of the 20th century. The French academic realist painting, represented by Xu Beihong, and the Russia KeFu fellowship scarlett academic,their teaching rules were regarded as orthodox, when art practice and teaching got restrictions for a long term, engaging policies in the theme of creation. In the closed program, it should be recognized by Chinese and foreign artists, that the artists concentrated on studying the Chinese martial arts had greatly enhanced the portrait techniques.

With the door of the country open, the trends of modern art whistled through.The Chinese painting in 1980 had achieved real fission, the sense of diversity had rooted in people. The art began to catch the world, and tried to work with the world trend in parallel. How the fate of realistic painting would be ,which had been regarded as tradition and orthodox . In the modern art movement, the realistic painting once fell into a dilemma, it seemed that realistic painting was regarded synonymous with closed and conservative, in which context, the position of insisting on academic became very pale and weak. What was more, art, as a commodity,entered the circulation, because of the unsatisfactory operation of the art market, and the not synchronization of "market" and "academic", some artists even intended to compete in the market, the academic profile of realistic painting (of course not limited to realistic painting) fell into a worse situation. However, the realistic painting, as a member of multiple ones, its own artistic mission and artistic charm still had not been presence-reduced after going through many storms. From the practice of art in recent years, it shows the realistic style of artists give us at least three tips as the following:

First of all, the artists draw more attention to the language expression, they love life and concern about the relationship between people and society by fully using the oil painting as a carrier . Painting language styles are different, emphasis on self appearance is highlighted. Furthermore, the artist absorbed in practice a variety of materials for application (owing to Weir and Bin Kasi’s materials and techniques teaching). Oil painting’s dealing with picture effect was significantly better than the eighties’ and nineties’. Finally, also most notable,is the integration of the concept of modern art. Many artists,in a whole new view, explains and expresses mental imagery in the works, presenting a refreshing idea, known as "neoclassical," " New concrete doctrine ", the" new easel painting ", etc. We may collectively referred them to the" new realism. "

In short, many artists join in realistic painting of irresistible charm and irreplaceable function, tempering themselves, definitely to reproduce the endless wind.

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