Analyse of world famous paintings

Analyse of world famous paintings

Post-impressionist is not the period after impressionism. In other words, post-impressionist is not impressionism, but is an art faction, with different nature from impressionism, and generated after the impressionist. Post-Impressionism includes many artists, the main representative is Cezanne, Van Gogh and Gauguin. The fundamental feature of post-impressionist is that it reflects the true and natural light and color through portrait, and proposes truly perform the artist's subjective opinion on objective things.

Cezanne has a lofty position in art history, was the first modern Western artist, known as the 'father of modern art'. Cezanne made a very important artistic point of view, which has laid the theoretical foundation of Western modernism. The idea is that art is not the real performance of color and appearance of the objective things, but the real performance of the artist's subjective opinion on objective things. Cezanne’s one piece of work, "Madame Cezanne in the Greenhouse"depicts his wife's head of oval shape, neck, chest and arms of cylindrical shape, the lower body is of a cone.

In the post-impressionist, the most important artist was Van Gogh who was an outstanding artist, in his own work, he showed himself and his life, inner feelings. His works, whether still life, "Sunflower", character self-portrait "The Van Gogh cut his ears", or landscape paintings "Star sky", are filled with his love of life, has resorted to intense feelings of his heart, not only his projection , avatar, and sometimes he even blatantly illustrated himself.

Van Gogh’s facing dazzling colors, has resulted in a strong emotion, kept him driving the painting, and even made him forget he was painting. He described in a letter his creation status when the inspiration hits, he said: "The feeling is sometimes so strong that people simply do not know ... ... strokes at work follow continuously, like a paragraph of words or words in a letter. "In short, to use color expressing emotion, is Van Gogh's most important art point of view.

In Van Gogh's life, the most important works of art are in the final years of life, finished in the broiling sunlight, "Sunflower" was the work during this period. "Sunflower" is not a traditional still life portrait decoration describing natural flowers, but a painting to express the sun, a song praising the vitality of the sun. In the painting, the stemmed sunflower was in full bloom in the sun, as if the "bursting out flame in the background." The way of Van Gogh’s expressing sunflowers, also with ingenuity, he adopted a simplified portrayal way to describe images, making the picture have a rich sense of plane and decoration. The general appearance of the picture is yellow and orange tone, the delicate strokes of green and blue outlines the petals and stems. Strong color point on the grain has striking effect. The bold and unrestrained, firm strokes, by different movements, seek different structures and colors in bright and brilliant background, make the blossoming sunflowers dazzling, hot and imaginative, just as Van Gogh general’s vigor emotions like fire and strong artistic temperament. For Van Gogh, the sunflower was the best work to express his thought.

Sadly, the post-Impressionist painters were recognized in society long after they died. However, they jointly opened the door to modern art, the twentieth century had a lot of modern art concepts with the influence of their creative thinking, artistic concepts, for example: Fauvism, Cubism and so on.

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