How to shoot a portrait with the feeling and life

How to shoot a portrait with the feeling and life

A lot of friends will put most of the mind and focus on shooting techniques when they meet portrait photography for the first time. Such as aperture, shutter, scene, and so on ... ... of course, it is necessary to master the basic techniques and skill. how can a good martial arts be displayed if their own weapons are not used well adequately.

However, portrait photography have always been an art composition so that whether the portrait photography can impress the viewers or not , the feeling plays a very important role. We do not want others to look at our own works by glancing them, as they will be forgotten soon. It seems not enough to just make an effort on the above mentioned basic technology,. Some say the fundamental definition of portrait photography is to portray the most real aspect of the subject, which not just mean the appearance, but the subject's personality, characteristics and internal. To photograph and display a living, feeling and moving portrait, in addition to the photography in some extent with the outside, we must capture the most real, most natural aspect and characteristic .

As a result, I spent a lot of time on study and test, how can the personality of the person be captured! But from the perspective of human psychology, there have been both sides or even multi faces of people’s personality, and each one is different. It is almost impossible to display every side of characteristic of the photographed , so we can only photo his characteristic and in-hearted feeling naturally just at that moment! How to accomplish this?

I believe there is no specific way but here to share one of the following methods I often apply for:

Every time before I am going to shoot portrait, first, i will get further communication with the photographed, which leads to a better understanding of those photographed as well as knowledge of the other side’s expectation of what kinds of photos to be taken. The first thought is often from the real personality of the other side , so the photographer should try to meet and reach the requirements of the other side.

Secondly, to set a theme of the subject person’s characteristic. The theme is good or bad, whether fits the conditions for shooting also need to make gradual progress from the experiences. As a media , in addition to portrait and images , music also can lead a good life and feeling. Select the music in advance for the theme, listen to the other party sufficiently before shooting, if necessary, the music can be played while the scene is shot. Let the music bring out each other's natural emotions, both joy and sorrow ,this is why a lot of friends in the commercial photography like broadcast music while shooting in the studio. More praise, give confidence to the other side and relax, then let the other side give the rein freely when getting into the atmosphere. Try to avoid continuously changing the subject's actions, because each subtle body language might reflect each other's characteristic and inner world.

In short, people portrait is to show a person. Portrait usually focuses on the person's face, facial expression or demeanor. Today , taking pictures has become the most recognized mode of modeling a portrait which is usually sculpture or painting.

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