Once comes the inspiration, you shoot

Once comes the inspiration, you shoot

Photography for children, doesn't mean to pick up a camera shutter can produce good work, it requires a very important factor, and that is inspiration. Shijiazhuang prompted the majority of children photography and portrait photography enthusiasts, creative inspiration is the source of many things, not the inspiration, the work would become angry, it can not move people.

  1. Professional guidance

  2. Number of new children photographer often can not make good work, if there's a experienced guider is the best thing, it can rapidly increase the level of novice photographers.

  3. Find inspiration from the works

  4. Through the eyes of the photographer to observe the dance and theater performances are using sophisticated and complex lighting. Note the actors' posture, movement, clothing and modeling. These details can be constantly observed the accumulation of visual material, for more help after the attempt. Watch literary works for children also helps to find a more vivid portrait photography lighting setup.

    Literary works through the text can let you have a sense of space, enable you produce vivid imagination. Books written by other photographers can inspire aspiring photographer. About great artists and their description of the book of life will provide valuable perspective and work with them to impress every reader.

  5. Find resonance in the exhibition

  6. Visit museums and galleries. Visiting museums and open your eyes widely to find inspiration is completely different . come with other artist friends can add fun to the trip, and also learn new working methods, such as color, composition and light use.

  7. Search on Internet

  8. Add to favorite photographers website or blog address is the accumulation of some of the material an effective method. View some online forums, with the spirit of mutual cooperation and photographers around the world share their work. Criticism from these forums and encouragement will help you quickly improve your photographic level. Internet's most timely, through which children can learn the latest trends in photography.

  9. Collect Magazines

  10. Fashion magazines aim to attract readers attention on Fashion and pictures, each page will bring a new child portrait photography and philosophy. These resources can be learned by contemporary fashion trends, and if ignored the trend, it may affect the work. The lack of shooting motive, might cut favorite photos, organize a theme file to stimulate their own inspiration.

  11. For creative practice

  12. Not necessary in order to participate in creative exercises and what courses can be based on the recommendations of the previous inspiration to arm themselves. Choose their own subjects, but we must narrow the scope, so detailed and clear, and in a period of time to complete filming. Complete the book in its own way in the end of each chapter of the job, it will change in subtle observation and appreciation of the things the way they see, and be surprised at the impact of this work.

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