Portrait photography A

Portrait photography A

The purpose of photography is to shoot a beautiful picture, so the photographer supposed to wait and shoot the photos only when the characters face, temperament all achieve the best, then the good portrait can generate.

  1. Portrait of modeling:

  2. when man shoot portraits, regardless of his movements or the posture is naturally true, what the camera lens captured is always a moment of the characters, including facial expression, body shape, and a tacit understanding with the surrounding environment. Figure Sculpture left, into the human mind will become empty talk.

    Shape from the classification of portrait photography, the head portrait most appropriate for the expression of facial expression, the half-length portrait of the most suitable for personality and attitude performance figures, the biggest advantage of the portraits is that the body can make people with the surrounding environment of the organic links, to facilitate create a mood and atmosphere of the picture.

    We first take a look at the shape of the face. The basic point of the face, from the horizontal point of view, can generally be divided into front, side and positive side of three-quarters . As positive as a passport, look easy to be stiff, but very easy to portray as a pair of positive communication between the mind's eye, if the figure who has a symmetrical oval face, the front can be satisfied as modeling results.

    If let the face turn left or right and the other side of the ears just can not be seen, that is the three-quarters of photography in the most common side shot. At this time the performance of both a more comprehensive image of a person's face, the face will change due to appear more vivid. Because of the hair and other factors, to the left or right, the effect will have an impact on the shape. There is a dramatic portrait of the side effects, as people usually do not see their own side, so your profile will feel strange, but also easy to feel disappointed. Particularly in the general population profile, and not the United States, the choice should be careful, this is equally important for portrait painting.

    In addition to the horizontal plane of rotation, the pitch of the angle of face is also very particular about. Overlooking the head slightly lower, compared for fat people face, so that face becomes thin it is, will easily lead to a cautious style soft effect. Then take a look at the body posture arrangements. A useful principle to remember: head and body do not form a straight line, that is when the body is facing the lens, the head should be slightly to the left or right number; and when his eyes to face the camera, rotate the shoulders should be allowed a certain point of view, or to tilt the shoulders up and down more, it would screen more dynamic. Such as the bust sitting shot, let people sit side about 45 °or 90 °, and then let the upper body towards the lens, produced by twisting the ideal curve. Portraits of the body should avoid the following standing position, while the center support legs should be emphasized.

In the figures, do not ignore the position of the hand arrangement diverse changes hands, it can either strengthen the characters look and can also play a decorative screen role. In a face-based portrait, the hand can be placed on the side of the face, or reclining, but the contact with the face not be too hard to avoid the facial deformation. In the half-length and body image, you can put your hands across their chests, or to hand on your hair, or lightly arrived in the jaw, can also take some small props, a lively picture. As the saying goes, "the hand of an emotional, second only to face", can be used as a reference when shooting.

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