Portrait photography B

Portrait photography B

  1. light for portrait

  2. In addition to physical modeling, portrait light is also an important factor. Compared to landscape photography, the light of portrait photography is more freedom, because the changing natural light is possible to get only wait, but people could walk around, different angles to create different shapes of light effects, not to mention indoor lights can also be mobilized Portrait a variety of sources to create a shadow effect of the vagaries of me. If the direction of light exposure from the point of view, the positive more than just portrait photography using a light. Although the following comparison of light levels, it is difficult performance of three-dimensional, but a positive light more favorable to the reduction of color, especially for the performance of female skin smooth. A positive light not only look delicate white skin, but also face look more plump thin.

    45 °front side light in portrait photography using very broadly, it has some of the lighting area, also have a convex face, three-dimensional sense of tone levels, lines, contours and so much more rich. If the side of the face was three-quarters, the light from the other side of the shot, the light for a quarter and three quarters of the face, the face of all the local, which is typical of Rembrandt light light law . This light, with dark backgrounds, make the characters shine.

    Rembrandt light used more to male images, showing a strong and resolute temperament. Portrait photography also frequently use the backlight to separate characters and background. Strong backlight can change people's face and describe the variety of hair out of hand contours seedlings will be pushed to the audience in front of people. When backlight used as the main light, the face tend to be dim and need another fill light, but the fill light can't be too strong, as it will dilute the backlighting effect. For family indoor shooting portraits, you can prepare yourself a few simple lighting. Because the brightness of these lights is not very high, so best to use a tripod when shooting sticks to steady the camera. Ideal synchronous flash of light is of course, but the price is relatively high. In outdoor portraits, 3-4 pm and 9-10 am is the ideal time, people can turn the body or face, to get a good lighting effects.

    In addition to illumination angle, man should also pay attention to the photographic light texture, that is, the difference between direct light and scattered light. Studio and outdoor spotlight in the sun is strong direct light, which is full of light texture modeling efforts, especially for shooting men and the elderly, and through the formation of thick backlight backlight and the shape of the side effects. The addition of diffusers, reflective umbrella studio lights to cloudy weather, the outdoor natural light is a scattering of light, its soft texture and delicate shape, rich layers, especially for shooting women and children. We can make these features as the best lighting effects photography.

  3. The vivid portrait

  4. Making a good portrait photography not only to master the Photography, but also to understand the psychology of the subject, by capturing gestures and facial expressions to fully express their personality. We shot the characters, most are not professional actors, one to many people before the camera, you will know what to do nervous, if not effectively guide, we can have thousands of people get a dull and pretentious side or portraits. Were removed to make the subject look restrained, the key is to distract his attention, make him forget that they are taking pictures, so that it can reveal the truth possible.

    When catch the people's look , often involves the mouth of the expression, that is the question of laughter and no laughter. If the shooting blindly who asked to be taken, "Wear a smile, then laugh", the results tend to make people lose their individuality. We do not exclude all the laughs, but as a portrait, we should pursue a normal beauty, between laughter and no laughter, is secret to anyone, and just be relax and natural, true feelings, they all laugh and not laugh is a minor. Posture of the body shape also looked very closely related to body posture first asked to relax as much as possible, then further guidance.

True feelings need to be guided, but the final achievement is to capture. Remember the famous Canadian portrait photographer Cashins' words: "People's interior mind, spirit and soul, sometimes in a flash through his eyes, hands and body shown - this is what need to be firmly grasped, as it is a fleeting moment.

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