The great German Christian painter - Richter

The great German Christian painter - Richter

Hieronymus Richter (1837 /01/ 11 -1899/04/08) was born in Silesia Altwilmsdorf in Germany January 11, 1837, , 19th century, religion, portrait painter in German history.

Richter was born in a worker's family, father was gilder, mother did some manual labor to feed their families, the family's economic conditions were not rich.

After Richter finished high school in Silesian, he had no will for further studies , but wanted to leave Altwilmsdorf for the coveted "Artists’ city" Munich to study portraits paintings, but his parents did not agree with this fantastic idea. A distant relative ,uncle Anton Ludwig brought the gospel, that he was willing provide free help and support for him to study art , and soon arranged for him to Munich to find art institutions, which reproduced the light of Richter’s life.

From year 1856 to 1863, Richter studied in Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Munich. Guided by the professional teacher, he soon came to the fore, and revealed a high artistic talent. He was ever the student of the great German painter, William • von Kaulbach, mainly studying religion-based theme. The two famous artists had a significant influence on Richter in Christian art . After graduation, Richter used to work at Glatz, but did not find his direction in life.

From personal feelings point of view, Richter was a devout Christian. He always had a habit of choosing to trust God whenever he encountered frustrations, and God seemed always to be at his side, and helped him at the key moment. On the other hand, Richter rethought art through religion or the religion had opened up a wider field of art for him, he was touched and encouraged deeply by Vinci, Michelangelo and Raphael's artistic works. Richter developed a great art road by following up great artists’ footprints.

In the mid-19th century, Lixitemuming went to England to visit the "Brotherhood of sleep." At that time the British art world was experiencing a silent reforming movement, many artists put forward the slogan of going back to the early Raphael classical style beautiful paintings in the early 15th century. Their painting creations were originated from classical history and mythology, and emulated the persistent attitude of the early Raphael’s period. Richter knew there a number of promising young artists like Ford • Maddox • Brown • William Holman Hunt, etc. Richter had deep empathy on British strict treatment on the art and yearning to perfectionism.

Richter ‘s first piece of work was about the church and Jesus, his interpreted a different image of Jesus in an alternative point of view, which was highly praised by the church and the arts, laying a good foundation for his departure for religious art. Since then, the shadow of Raphael could be seen in some of his works , that was the application of an equilateral triangle composition, which made the overall picture more stable. Richter's portrait painting techniques learned in leaps and bounds in the copy and refering.

From 1865 to 1883 he returned to Silesia, taught in a high school as an art teacher and founded a studio. He joined altarpieces and many other committees, wrote altar painting for the church. In addition, he created a large number of historical figures, religious and secular portraits. His religious paintings enjoyed large popularity. In 1883, Richter received legal recognition of teaching and professor title issued by the church of Prussian minister. He was an art Association member in Munich Christian.

Richter was in poor health in his old ages, not suitable for many outdoor activities, but he still did not stopped working, but insisted on painting. In 1899, Richter died at the age of 62. The great painter ,having outstanding contribution to German religious art, in front of his portraits paintings, did not closed his eyes forever until the last moment.

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