Veronese :"the wedding of Cana"

Veronese :"the wedding of Cana"

Depicting in a series of grand, lively party scene work showed Veronese best artistic achievement,portrait painting "the wedding of Cana " is one of those. This painting is the artist who created large decorative painting in the monastery in Italy, painting is drawn from the "Bible " story it told us about Jesus and St. Mary and the Apostles met a family wedding being held in the Jordan River, Cana of this place, the owner invited them to join, everyone drank to celebrate the wedding, then drank the light, Jesus turned the water into altar wine, everyone went on drinking pleasure. And the subject is the same as the "party house of Levi"the subject matter Committee Luonai Si creative go away from the religious content, he heartily, can be said to be "presumptuous"to play to their imagination and interest, the Bible became a real life picture The grand banquet scene. there are Venice painting in contemporary architecture, nobles, merchants and musicians, etc., in these happy people are also drawn into the Queen of England, Francis I, Titian, Dingtuo Leto and the artist himself. It is said that Luonai Si went to the Venice Commission , he found the people here is not the pursuit of religious piety, but the enjoyment of life, and he painted these life onto the portrait painting.

For the performance of the grand-scale wedding, painter designed banquet in the open air for ascribing to use of space. He painted the crowd into for three levels,and fully demonstrated the profound scene. The first level is that Jesus is the center of the guests sitting in the seats and table music for the musicians and attendants . To reflect the theme, the artist placed Jesus in the middle of guests, making the eyes of Apostles focusing on Jesus, there is still part of the religious atmosphere, in addition, the crowd was binge drinking, . Queen of England and other European monarchs sat at the table look different, they weared colorful clothing, adding luxury and fun wedding. Painter Dingtuo Leto was chatting with European monarchs,and a hand-held red stick in his hand ,attendants is in front of him ,who was wearing yellow clothes, holding hands, pouring wine, the combination of these actions enhanced the image of the movement. Artist painted himself as a musician,and intently playing musical instruments. The second level is the railings of the crowd, the action is more intense in this population, and some even climbed up the pillars. The third level is the people standing on the balcony of the building. there are one hundred and thirty people in the whole picture. In the backdrop of silver-gray tone, more than one hundred costumes are more colorful characters, make you confused, it shows that the grand and festive banquets.

The achievements of Veronese in portrait painting are great,especially decorative painting. His paintings have a bright color and distinctive perspective, constitutes a stunning effect, for the later Baroque paintings of the seventeenth century is very far-reaching. However, his paintings of depicting the figure's heart and emotion is not enough, but only on the surface, the shape of the drawing,it lack of inner strength.

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