Sarto:"love "

Sarto:"love "

Andrea del Sarto (1486-1530 or 1531), is the last representative of the Florentine Renaissance. He was originally called up to Yao Luo, as he was born in a famous tailor's family, to be called "Sato". He used to be sent a silver jewelry craftsman talents by his father, but because of his interest in painting, and again turned to Rukeximo studio(1462-1521) to study painting. Kexi Mo was the famous painter, he trained great monks Sato painter Batuo Luo Miao. Sartori lived in Kexi Mo there, and the brothers have the deep impact on it, while deeply respect Dafen Church and Michelangelo. So his works can be said that he inherited the business of Leonardo da Vinci,and has a unique dignified and elegant classical style. 1517, his creation went into maturity, the most famous portrait painting of this period is "Apia San Egyptian world. " Spring of 1518,he was invited by King Francis to paint in France to paint. There, in addition to creating a large number of portraits, he created the painting entitled "love, "the masterpiece.

1520, he returned home, entered the peak of the arts, most notably the "Holy Assumption World"(1530, as the City Palace and for shelter) and "The Last Supper. " A first painting shows the deep foundation and unique charm as its superb use of color and shading levels on the depth of the Italian classical painting. Because of its the excellent composition ,comparing of the subtle colors and shading the latter picture achieved the better effects of novel the subtle colors and shading is achieved by comparing the effects of novel, but critics said it has been comparable with da Vinci's "Last Supper" comparable.

Sato's this "love ", also translated as "kind. " this portrait painting depicts a mother and three children, from the subject, it is world's most common life scenes. Mother's arms holding two children, one in sucking, a positive want to eat milk, and another in the knees, bent arms and looked at her mother back innocently . The entire composition triangle, is completely traditional classical style, seems stable and dignified. But the child's gestures vary, flowing folds, very soft. But the picture in this piece of earth mother and child has been associated with the Virgin and angels. Although the mother was not so solemn and holy Virgin, but because since Raphael,the Madonna is full of flavor, but this "love " because of its classic style, it makes us easy to feel Religious sentiment among the secular and contain portrait painting. However, the "love" of success, not because of it's classical style, is not it exactly like the image described by Leonardo da Vinci and Raphael, but in its gentle harmonious color.the light from the left, the mother and child are the side by light, the painter expressed the conversion of light and shade by nuanced characters, especially in young children and mothers folds of flesh, and profoundly expressed the Sato of the great skill, which is the classical style of Italian painter inherited an outstanding example.

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