Appreciation and analyse of world painting masterpieces (A)

Appreciation and analyse of world painting masterpieces (A)

A plug • Leach "Assumption of Mary Magdalene"

Italian painting in the eighteenth-century although only left the nostalgia of the glorious history, did not create anything new, but in Venice, back-lighting of Renaissance seemed stronger than Florence, Rome, Milan , so it had become the center of Italian art, maintaining the prosperity of art. And Leach was the first portrait painting representative of Venice altar.

He was born in Belluno, came to Venice when young. Although he was a representative of Venetian painting school, but he loved traveling, and had good character move, so the his footprints covered all over Rome, Milan, Bo Lunya and other places. He cherished a strong interest in the popular seventeenth-century Baroque art , but always held sensible attitude towards study. for the representative of Venetian late Renaissance school of painting the painter Committee Luonai Si, he was very cordial and influenced by him. Almost it can be said Leach's painting style was created on the base of Luo Naisi and learned some of the characteristics of Baroque art.

Leach's famous work was "St. Library series may be the soul of Levi Strauss and purgatory", which was his representative work. Besides , it was the "Assumption of Mary Magdalene". The picture drawn and themed from the "Bible" were painted by many artists before Leach painted it. As early as 1455 years ago, the Italian's Donald Donatello had carved, later Titian painted the "confession Magdalene", Caravaggio had also painted this subject, it was in 1595; and Wei Dan in Netherlands. However, these painters’ and Leach's works were different, they just made the painting of Mary Magdalene into a portrait painting of crying, or confession, or low self-esteem, rather than Leach that expressed Magdalene as holy, almost similar to the Virgin Mary. Color of the whole picture was easy and clear, Leach did not pursuit the brilliant effect of the Baroque, showing Leach unique style.

Ruiz Darfur, "forest reservoirs"

In Dutch small school of paintings, in addition to genre painting , there was also landscapes. Seventeenth-century’s Dutch landscape painting was a school of painting the world's great school of painting which had huge impact on the historical paintings, known by the world in the composition of small scenery expressing typical natural Dutch, it gave the later great English landscape beneficial effects directly. There was a large group writers of Dutch landscape painting in the seventeenth-century, like the genre painting had large group of artists. But the most successful ones, and setting an example for the later big European landscape painters were Solomon • Ruiz Dahl, Jacob • Ruiz Total and Hobbema.

Jacob Dahl • Ruiz (1628 ** 1682), was born in the western adjacent sea Halei Mu in Netherlands, , sea and field of home had influenced him, and made him had a particularly sensitive insights into the natural beauty. Brought up by his uncle Solomon, he became an artist, and formed a family of his own at the age of twenty.

From 1657 until 1681, he was doing his artistic activities in Amsterdam. He had ever been to Germany, traveled from the Netherlands since his youth. His painting ‘s biggest feature was depicting nature with the sincere feelings of love for nature, showing the natural beauty and poetic. His landscape portrait painting was advantaged at the magnificent composition and precise description, with strong strokes, simple color, sometimes with Rembrandt's chiaroscuro to express his deep feelings for nature. Therefore, his landscape paintings had a classical depth and tragic emotion.

Ruiz had painted about five hundred pieces of landscape paintings in his whole life , most of which shared the theme of the tree . He thought a strong majestic towering trees, old giant tree of numerous pose, had extraordinary charm. He wanted to draw their personality and feelings. This "forest reservoirs" was a forest song with the theme of a tree.

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