Appreciation and analyse of the World oil painting (B)

Appreciation and analyse of the World oil painting (B)

Just look at the portrait painting, each tree trunk, leave is finely painted, light and shade in the dense thickets around floating down the pond, quiet, fine but dense. Reservoirs is very quiet, even though it's a pool of shallow water but it seems unfathomable, this is because the artists put it into a large bush, with no glossy's reflection. The whole picture, full of poetry, as if another world away from the earth. However, in the future, we can see the two oak wilt, one fall, which end is submerged in the pond; the other one has a broken wounds. All this makes the audience see one who does not appear - the nature-destructed human-made "results." Here the artist condemned destruction of the natural behavior through the poetic images.

Works of artist Lorraine " the Queen of Sheba on board"

Three representatives of French painting in the seventeenth century , Poussin, Lorrain, and lost Kay have a common interesting phenomenon , that is nearly all of them spent their lives in Italy, learning the Italian art, but infiltrating the French art to their own national identity, which has a direct impact on Italy, while they represent the highest achievement of French painting.

Lorraine went to Italy, having his own special experience. He was formerly known as Claude • Qiaonai (1600 ** 1682), was born in Lorraine region of Franc, Xia Mani village, was an orphan, a cattle boy. At the age of thirteen, he followed a group of chefs to Rome, become a servant of painter Argus Ventnor • Darcy (1580 ** 1644). The chance made him expose to painting. Despite his low education level, but his perception of the portrait painting was high, showed rare talent when studying painting from Darcy.

How could the low level education painter ranked high in the painting? Mainly because of his achievements in landscape painting, having a unique artistic style, his straightforward,

enthusiastic. If we say Poussin (seventeenth-century chief of French painting) was known at putting the natural landscapes, mountains and trees as the ideal integrated whole, becoming a natural great force, then Lorraine was known depicting the sea scenery and the port , his paintings like a classical music filled with quiet atmosphere. Lorrain's paintings often depicted Greek and Roman classical building, quiet and deep; at the same time, he was pursuing the role of light in landscapes, using light changes, to make the screen full of life, at this point, made Poussin’s landscapes obviously inferior. This "Queen of Sheba on board" just fully showed the above characteristics.

Historical theme the portrait painting based was not important, but only a landscape subject. According to "The Bible," the tenth century BC, the Queen of Sheba Kingdom ascended the throne in Solomon, he had personally led his unit to congratulate and tested the wisdom of King Solomon, and later eventually the Queen of Sheba married King Solomon. The painting depicts the scene of the Queen on board to congratulate. This is actually a secondary, the main thing is the vast sea landscape in the morning sun reflecting the magnificent ancient architecture . Lemon sun has not yet broken through the clouds, but bordered a Phnom Penh to clouds and water, water flashed, air fresh and pleasant luxury yacht docked at the shore, people gathered around the Queen going down the steps, ready to get on to the ship. The whole picture is quiet, steady, full of classical poetry, is indeed a masterpiece of "landscape of imagination".

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