Works of the painter Georges Braque

Works of the painter Georges Braque

Among the Cubist painters, George • Braque (Georges Braque ,1882-1963) , his influence was not actually smaller than Picasso’s. He and Picasso were the founder of cubism movement, and "Cubism," was derived from his work. In addition, there was a number of innovations in cubism movement were made by him, for example, letters and numbers into portrait painting, using means of collage, and so on. Most of the works of Braque were still life paintings and landscapes, simple styled, precise and uniform.

Blake was born in a painter Teyi family in Argenteuil-sur-Seine, his father and grandfather were amateur painter, which made him have a keen interest in painting at an early age. In 1893, the family moved to Le Havre, Braque, and soon he studied in a local art school. In 1902, he entered art school in Paris, by embracing and guidance, then turned to Ruanbeier College. In 1904 he founded his own studio. After a visit to the fall Sharon in 1905, he had keen interest in Fauvism painting, in the next two years, he took part in the Fauvism art movement. However, his work was "serene Cantabile like" tone, different from the kind of strong colors, bold strokes and exciting authentic works of different styles of Fauvism. In 1907, he met Picasso, whose portrait painting of hard work, "the girl Avignon" dumped him, the two became best friends, co-planning the cubism movement.   

In 1908,Blake went to Ace Tucker ,where Cezanne landscape had drawn a lot of landscape paintings in his late period. There, Blake began to explore the natural geometric forms through landscape appearance. The "Ace Tucker's house," was a typical work at the time. In this painting, the house and trees were reduced to geometry. This approach was clearly derived from Cezanne. Cezanne summarized various physical of the nature as a cylinder, cone and sphere, Black pursued further geometry performing from images of the natural. His unique approach to compress the depth of the screen space, made the house look like a pressed carton in the painting, ranging between the flat and three-dimensional effect. Scene in the painting was not arranged before and after the stack, but get ahead in the top-down way, so that the number of images had been to the top of the screen. all the scenery in the portrait painting, whether the most far-reaching or the most promising, both of them have the same clarity to show in the picture. At that stage when Blake made this painting, the style was clearly showing Cezanne’s impact, therefore, this phase also was known as "type Cezanne Cubism Period."

"Mandolin", Black’s works ,1909-1910, the canvas oil painting ,79-59 cm, London, Tate Art Museum.
Works made by Braque and Picasso in the analysis of three-dimensional during the period, style was so close that it was hard to determine what people did when put together. Which was extremely rare phenomenon in the history of art. They not only painting the same and the selected topics were also very similar. They favored drawing instruments. Blake loved music, so musical instruments and sheet music were especially prevalent in his works. The portrait painting "Mandolin" made in 1909-1910 was a masterpiece of Black during the period of three-dimensional analysis. In the same period, Picasso's paintings had also appeared such instruments.

It is said that cubist’s preference to the subject of mandolin, was in large part , effected by the famous poet Mallarme (Mallarme). In Mallarme's poem, the mandolin was the most preferred symbol , was a multiple metaphor. It can play the music because of their own identity, face was treated as a symbol of artistic creation, at the same time, because of the similar shape of the woman's uterus, it was considered the creation of a similar hint. However, to the cubist , Mallarme's influence was not to choose the instrument the subject, but art techniques in its decomposition and reconstruction of the poetry creation. Cubist decomposed objective images and re-painting fragments in decomposition . How much Mallarme had influenced!

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