The painter-Dingtuo Leto

The painter-Dingtuo Leto

Dingtuo Leto (1518 ~ 1594), is Titian's second major disciples and also the last master in the Venetian painting. He loves painting since his childhood. In the dye shop's walls and floor, almost everywhere can see his paintings. His father is tired of cleaning, so send him to Titian's studio to learn the painting. When young, Leto was too impetuous to obey the teacher's instructions, so Titian doesn't like his character and ever drove him back, but he didn't accept, and set himself a great goal: make Titian's color and Michelangelo's shape together. In fact, he indeed did a lot on this aspect, and finally created his own unique portrait painting style, that is, the quite bold composition, good at using the contrast of light and shadow to emphasize the intense human movements. He often use some difficult angles to describe the performance of people, and create a tension screen .the rapid rhythm shown in the pictures, make people dazzled.

Leto used very little quiet calm tone, people's movements are often exaggerated. One side, this is out of the artist's personality, but it also reflects the social instability in the second half of 16th century in Venice. At that time, Venice's religious thought has gone into crisis, all the turmoil and uncertainty are related to rampant reactionary religious forces, so the lower-class is trapped in hard life.

The painting "Origin of the Milky Way "was created in 1578,is a representative portrait painting in the painter's late life. Its' size is very large, approximately 148 × 165 cm, is in now displayed in London's National Gallery. It is taken from Roman mythology. It is taken from Roman mythology. According to the myth said, the main god -Jupiter, take one of the children to the sky, then ask a maid to send the kid to the sky goddess -Juno, so in this way, he can absorb Juno's milk and has an eternal life. From the picture we can see, when the flying maid suddenly give the baby to Juno, she was a bit panic-stricken as not prepared well, so she hurried to dodge, body seems to have lost its balance, at this moment, Juno's milk splash, and formed today's Milky Way, so this is the reason why in English it's called "Milky Way".

This of course is a beautiful legend. Painter choose this as the portrait painting's theme aimed to the performance characteristics of his art. The painter let the maid bend in flight send the baby from the upper right corner, she and the nude goddess constitutes the center of the screen. Goddess tilted on her back, in the loss of balance exposed the bright naked body, which in sharp fell with the maid contrast.

He's good at accurately portraying people's movements, regardless of people flying, side set and any other difficult forms, he could all accurately re-present on them on the screen. Meanwhile, he's also good at describing the human body, especially the female's nude beauty and charm. This painting fully showed Leto's human body skills. In the comparison, the infant is just fell on the goddess's breast. Juno as frightened tilt her body, stretched out her hands, so let the charming nude body be very outstanding. And meanwhile, milk scattered, they all let the screen seem tensive and moving, In short, from this picture, we can see, no matter the figures momentum in the performance, the naked body in beauty, and also the changing light on the complex and rich, leto is unmatched. In addition, the author attaches great importance to picture's full compositions. The around little angels ,the distant eagle (which is the main symbol of Jupiter) and the peacock in the right corner are all intended to enable full screen while the decorative enrichment, so let the whole portrait painting show a magical myth world.

However, also have to point out that "the origin of the Galaxy" is not absolute perfect. Although it is full of imagination, but it's still not enough in the character's psychological characterization. Goddess of panic and suddenly felt an unexpected look, have not been profoundly portrayed. The painter only focused on the performance of figure's movements. The painter only focused on the performance of figures' movements, the attractive beauty and the treatment in space, while neglecting people's inner character and psychological subtle changes.

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